End of the first blogg day

It’s the end of the day. I am getting ready to drop my feet into my foot massager and enjoy another pale ale. I’m getting ready to reflect on my day and fuck it was a tough one. Hence the reason I am starting to write about shit. So I have a place to vent. If no one reads this or millions, i dont give a shit. But i am going to enjoy venting when needed.

For those of yall who have worked in a kitchen, when calling out a designation such as “coming down the line!” Or “hot behind!!”. It tends to mean “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!!!!” For those that dont abide by it, I think I will just start pressing sheet pans that came out of the oven to the back of their arms. Dont plan on burning my hands to accommodate someone who ain’t listening.

Next thing. If you were fired from a resturant or quit because you couldn’t cut it than dont come into the new place talking shit. Working in a kitchen is a word of mouth industry, and we know when you left cause you couldn’t hack it.

Enough of my complaing about nothing. I look forward to putting some pretty damn awesome looking plates on this blog for yall.

When ya want some home Italian

So some people will have issue mixing a vodka sauce with marinated shrimp. Buuuut I dont really care, because it turned out very tasty and no left overs for lunch the next day. I decided to be cheap and get the pre skewered shrimp at the local grocery store. I did however allow them to marinate in a lemon pepper thick sauce to add more flavor, and hey its summer so I needed some lighter flavor to distract from the heavier vodka sauce.